The letters are reunited with the Pearson family

Apologies from your rather scatty bloggers on this long overdue update!

In March this year we managed to reunite Olivers letters to the Pearson Family.
Francis and his wife Hilary were such gracious hosts for the afternoon and couldn't have made us more welcome. I can't say how happy Dan and I were to finally hand over the letters back to the family, where they belong, and also that they were so pleased to have them back. It was a perfect end to this story for us.

Hilary treated us to one of the best Sunday roasts I've had for a very long time, and afterward we got to see Oliver's effects that had been passed down to Francis from his father Aubrey. Oliver's wallet, a short diary, some family photos, a map of North Belgium, and his medals and 'Death Penny' Memorial Plaque.

Your humble blog authors with Francis
Me, Francis and Dan

Francis with Olivers letters, while I am holding an 1897 bottle of Madeira, from Francis's own collection, which he opened especially to honour the occasion. The date is significant - the year Oliver was born.
(The bottle now proudly sits on my bookshelf)
Francis and I with Olivers Great War letters

Oliver's diary
Oliver's Dairy

Olivers diary

Oliver's wallet, containing cards and addresses, a few family photos, and his last R.F.C. pay cheque
Oliver's wallet

Olivers wallet

Nell, June 1917, sitting on the tail of a Naval Avro

Dog ticket

RFC cheque
Olivers last pay cheque

Oliver's 'Death Penny', and his British War Medal, and Victory Medal, often refered to as 'Mutt and Jeff'
The Death Penny, or Memorial Plaque, was issued to the Next of Kin of every British and Empire service personnel who were killed as a result of the war.
Olivers Death Penny and medals

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