Letter 15 - Oliver falls on his feet, a posting to 70 Squadron!

A note from the Editors:

Oliver finally gets posted! He moves to 70 Squadron, based in Liettres, the first R.F.C. squadron to be issued with the new Sopwith Camel, only a month or so before.

Franked 18 AUG 17
Mrs Chas. E. Pearson,

70 Squadron : BEF : France
Letter No 8

My Dear Mother
I shifted here yesterday I am jolly glad to at last have the chance of some flying. I kicked up a row at the Pool because I was there so long & found that headquarters had lost my name!! & yet they say there’s a war on. The day befor I left we had a hun plane over the town. He was an awful height up at least 15,000 & our Archie made pretty patterns in the sky with smoke puffs but didn’t even make the hun turn. Our fellows went up but were years late & so I expect he got home again safely. He did no damage & it was thought he had lost his way as huns don’t generally come so far back without laying eggs.

As far as I can see I have fairly fallen on my feet here. There are two chaps who were also at Ternhill here. The Major is reported by all to be one of the best. The Mess is good so far as I have seen. The other fellows are good sorts as far as one can judge at first sight. The Aerodrome is good but of course small & very crowded. We live in tents which is a drawback but one cannot have all jam. This is I suppose one of the two best scout squadrons in France & we fly what I was flying befor I left England (Poor old Censor that phrase has diddled him) I am hoping to get a flip to-day & shall get over the lines during next week I hope. It’s just fine to have got at last to the haven of ones ambition for the past two years & I have been in Khaki now nearly two years next 26th Sept I shall have been. It’s jolly pretty country round here with funny little churches marred by two great slag heaps where coal pits are & by the signs of the war troops etc I mean of course not shell holes or the like.
With very much love to all from Oliver xxx


Thanks very much for your letter. You made a good find with the elephant. I have sent home various bug messages for you & keep my eyes open for catapillara of the swallow tails & this is a likely enough spot give me a list of their food plants. I am just as pleased as punch getting here just the squadron I wanted to get to. I saw a migration of swifts last week several hundred going south about 5 in the evening.

Aunt Mary has written a piffling letter without offering me anything only & simply to get an answer back & that I guess she will have to wait for. Thank Betty very much indeed for her socks & tell her I can do with any amount of that sort. They are just fine & come high up my legs nearly to my knees. I have got a beautiful pair of flying boots coming right up to my thighs made of sheep skin & the finest Colt revolver you could wish for. Well cheerio & best of all good luck for your holiday.


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