Letter 6 - Giving joyrides to officers, and supper with a local farmers family

A note from the Editors:

Since posting the last letter, we have found out, via the Great War forum, that '34 RS', was in fact No34 Reserve Squadron, where Oliver would have received his advanced flying training.

This letter is undated, but is very near the end of Oliver's training at Ternhill. By this stage he must have been a proficient pilot, not only to be doing long cross country flights but also giving Officers joyrides!

34 RS RFC Ternhill (‘Royal Flying Corps, Market Drayton‘ on headed paper)


Dear Mother

Since last writing very little has happened to speak of. I have been doing about an hour a day flying but little else. The rest of my time I spend lazing round & going for walks but the latter seem to have lost their interest since I lost my pup. On Friday I took up two officers who had never been up befor, & it was really quite funny to see the way in which they went on when they came down. They got as far as having heated arguments as to which of them I did most stunts with & as I did none to speak of with either it was rather funny to hear. As for their thanks they went on like never ending streams till they were out of sight down the road pretty well. That’s the best of taking new fellows up, they appreciate it so.

On Sunday afternoon I & another fellow went to see a farmer near here who had been so good as to drive us home one night from M.D. We had a fine time. He is a good fellow & he has an awfully nice wife & an awfully sweet little daughter aged about two. Two other local people dropped in after tea so when we came back we were quite a party for a part of the way. I am to go to these latter peoples house whenever I please. The farmer person makes farmhouse Cheshire cheese which we ate at supper it was great stuff the real goods. No news as yet, although two men have gone out, about my next move but the air is thick with rumour.
With best love to all
From Oliver xx

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