Letter 5 - Found within letter 4's envelope

Franked 3 JY 17
Mrs Chas E Pearson
5 Madeira park
Tonbridge Wells

Nr Market Drayton (‘Royal Flying Corps, Market Drayton‘ headed paper)


Dear Mother

I well deserve a good strafeing for not writing sooner & my excuse should have been no excuse although it was the cause as it put writing clean out of my head till lait one night as I lay in bed thinking so I wrote first off next day. Nothing has been heard or seen of the missing photos so bang goes sixpence & a lot of pleasure. To-day I loaned a motor bike & went rouring round till I ran into a lot of wounded officers painting a church porch.

One of them had been on the aerodrome that morning so I stopped & had tea & a rag with them & came away a bit cheered up but life does hang heavily on ones hands now; nothing to do all day exept bite ones nails & hang around. Bettys parcel seems to have arrived safely & she seems fearfully pleased with it. I don’t think I’m going over yet as no one has gone & I believe they are keeping us for the scouts so 3 cheers by jove.

With much love to you both from Oliver xxx

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