Letter 22 - I haven’t again been over the lines – yet but it is my turn next

A note from the Editors:
The last letter home we have from Oliver, who appears to be very much enjoying squadron life

Franked 11 SP 17
Mrs Chas. E. Pearson,
Letter 16

70 Squadron RFC BEF France
Sunday 9.9.17 Letter 16

My dear people
I received “the dear enemy” yesterday & thank you very much for it. I haven’t yet finished Pickwick so I shall not start it just yet but I can see its going to be like Daddy Long legs.
I haven’t again been over the lines – yet but it is my turn next & we are to be very busy now. We have been having very cloudy days so have hardly been able to fly at all.
I had rather a go the other night as 19 others formed a party got a tender & went into the ancient city. We had a most jovial little dinner & a good rag afterwards & I for one came home feeling much better for the rag & the good time.
Last night the whole squadron was invited to have dinner with a neighbouring one. They gave us a great feast drinks & cigars etc ad. Lib. & plenty of good cheer. There were several chaps there that I had met at Ternhill.

To Mother : Many happy returns of the 31st. I never can remember your birthday. Please forgive me. Your birthday present must be delayed until I come home on my 1st leave. This place has a hop garden quite close to & reminds me of Kent although the hops are strung up differently. They are very poor hops I fancy, plenty of them but very small. One of my recent batmen was a hop tester from the district near Cannon St Station. The midges are getting a great nuisance but I & my tent mate have found out that if we each smoke a pipe last thing it clears the tent of the little beasts & they don’t find their way in again in any great numbers. I am glad to hear that Dad is feeling so well & fit that he should walk from Nottingham to spite the MR. He couldn’t have done that a bit awhile ago. Well best of love to all of you at home from your loving
O.C.Pearson 2nd Lt.

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