Letter 14 - still not posted, but having a bon time

A note from the Editors:

Oliver is still stuck at the Pilots Pool 3 weeks after arriving, but seems to have cheered up a little after a night out in town with two fellows from 34 Sqn.

Franked 17 AUG 17
Mrs Chas. E. Pearson,

France 14.8.17
Address as usual letter no 7

My dear Mother
I am again writing to-day although I only wrote yesterday but this is to be quite a business letter.

Enclosed please find
Cheque for £20 (twenty pounds)
2 photographs
2 postcards
The cheque is for you to pay my bills with. There are not many the two biggest being with Stones in Nottm & Allports in Brum.

The photos one is of me with not much clothing on & will hardly bear publication. (Give it to Jim) It was taken by another fellow & given me here. The other is of Lt Roberts MC : DCM & Scottie Brown & my Pup doing his favourite trick of chewing the rubber end of Robert’s stick behind is an Aero with a Cleget engine. The waving things on the left outside struts are streamers to distinguish one machine from another.
The postcards speak for themselves & are included to keep the photos from bending.

Please write to the
Coventry Lever Co Ltd
41B New St

& ask them for my wrist watch. I have written but if they answered I have not had the answer. If they do not send it strafe them like anything. Write in my name as if it was me writing. Let me have the watch & know of the result.
Its better for the watch to be sent to you because you know my address or will know it when I get to a squadron & don’t send the watch till I do get posted. This posting business is a fag I wait about & wait about & nothing happens & yet I have always to live in hope.

I am awfully pleased to hear so much good news of Jim & all his bugs etc. Tell him I have had a swallow tail fluttering against my hand in an attempt to catch it for him & that I could easily have caught a scarlet underwing moth if catching it could have been any use. Silver washed & the large brown sort of fritillary are common as well as a smaller sort whose name I dont know & which I cannot get a good view of. Green hair streaks & a small sort of skipper I have also seen as well as three other sorts I have no means of identifying.

I am feeling much better to-day as two of the 34 crowd have turned up. One of them gave me the photo taken at the C.F.S. We had a bon time in /////// last night & I got through some francs. Madame faisait laudation avec ma chere Mere et Dieu vous benissez avec beaucoup de sentiment et d’amour a tous mon chere famille de votre fil amoureuse.
Oliver xxxx

The last line sounds a bit groggy

Je vous brasses dans le spitit au travers les leagues de distance que nous “sepparons”?

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